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Meals Plans
Description Dog PriceCat PriceCharge Basis
Standard Meals (included)0.00 0.00Per pet per night
Special Meals4.00 2.50Per pet per night
Special Meals and Vitamin Suppliment5.00 3.50Per pet per night
Optional Extras
Description Dog PriceCat PriceCharge Basis
Canine Hydrotherapy20.00 0.00Per pet per booking
Grooming15.00 5.00Per pet per booking
Kennel Web Cam3.50 0.00Per unit per night



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DEMO NOTES: This demo use seasonal rate bands and per pet pricing. RezEasy supports three types of rates: Seasonal, Flexi-Rate and Day-Week-Month

You can also add special meal plans and option extras into RezEasy. These can be charged per pet per night, per unit per night, per pet per booking or per booking

RezEasy can also be configured to add fixed amount or percentage surcharges, up to 3 different tax rates, and a long stay discount.

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