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Kennel & Cattery Online Booking Software - Features

  • Reservations can be supported by credit card or just sent by email. Booking details are recorded on the server and emailed direct to you with a copy to the guest.
  • Fully customized to match the "look and feel" of your website or preferred design.
  • View reports and sales analysis figures using a web browser or download data into a spreadsheet.
  • View reservations due to check in between specified dates, pet owner contact information and inventory reports.
  • Easily add reservation taken from outside RezEasy (by telephone etc.) so availability is always up to date.
  • Create and manage promotional codes.
  • Update availability and rates from any computer connected to the Internet.
  • You can:
  • Select from 3 different types of rates:
  • Seasonal - with up to 52 seasons per year
  • Flexi-Rate - a combination of of seasonal and daily rates (up to 52 seasons with 2 block of days per week)
  • Day/Week/Month - with rates per day, per week and per month;
  • Charge per kennel or per pet according to the rate type:
  • Per Kennel: Seasonal, Flexi-Rate and Day/Week/Month rates
  • Per Pet: Seasonal and Flexi-Rate
  • When charging per pet you can specify different rates for up to 5 pets per kennel;
  • Have different prices for the current year and the next year;
  • Specify minimum & maximum number of pets per kennel;
  • Specify minimum & maximum number of nights that can be booked;
  • Specify a fixed amount and/or percentage charge that can be added to or deducted from the booking total;
  • Define up to 3 different tax rates and specify which rate applies to which item;
  • Apply a discount after a predetermined length of stay;
  • Include options and/or extras (special meals, grooming etc.) on the booking form. RezEasy includes the cost of any options and extras selected by the guest in the calculated total. Options and extras can be priced:
  • per pet per night
  • per kennel per night
  • per pet per booking
  • per booking
  • Collect additional data by adding extra fields to the checkout (booking confirmation) form;
  • Tell RezEasy to get the name/breed/sex/age of each pet included in the booking;
  • Tell RezEasy to take a deposit at the time of booking or if arrival is within a certain period take the full amount (online payments require an account with a payment gateway)
  • Block periods of the year when you don't accept reservations;
  • Pre-configured to connect to 29 secure payment systems A custom setting allows many more payment systems to be used.
  • Fully customizable help, information and error messages, booking list display, email text etc.
  • Includes comprehensive online help.


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